Pro-XYZ-o-id of XYZ coordinates of zero O ID identity

Here you will discover Mind/Secrets, theories to expand understanding and call upon this humanoid Game World Evolution


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My Proposition is in Mixed Medias. To Inform about audio, artwork and writings.

Learn and evolve your sub-mind in the spiritual awakening that is the Over-Mind, a God-ver-ment, and the Techno-Pathic sub category of our soul approximation.

The Goal to life, The Insight of humnanity, The Mission to hyper-reality
Pentagram Hyperianism

Come as you are, evolve, sustain your powers, and increase your potential. Join us in this quest of understanding the Hyperhumanity. This mycelium network of soul spheres co-existing from the projector of the Sun processor of space time mind data directory's.

We are gray matter

Discover that we are sparks of mycelium energy waves, spiraling on this metal cylinder web, a sphere of time and of rusted reactor of ageing hearts and minds. We are seeds resting in the shells of our avatar our roots embedded in the deep coded matrix awaiting to break free in the crack of the third eye, to dream of a new age, a creative time web of infinite posibilities.

The Overmind path

This non-educated educational/philosophical. hyperthoguht process. Essays of ideas from my Over-Mind within the records of the observations from mind, in this soul sphere of sub practices of these theories, wq are only able to learn by reflecting memory. Past and beyond eons of soul wisdom, years of current practice. Observations/Refections/Questioning the fabric of Time/Space. This will affect none the less the very destination of our future populace.

To be of prolific Pro/Deity/Focuses. Is it a God or Odd…?

tribal tribal

Open your third eye and see clearer with reason beyond your eyes, contact the overseers of thoughts and communicate on levels of magical proportions.

There's certain truth to the ancient texts for historical reference but take in the beach as grains of sand and examine them within prejudice. As for this opinionated text is well enough true to me and my beliefs, I will not subject myself or you to things that are not relevant to my own supernatural enlightenment.

The proliferation of religion and its grasps on schools, government, media and the education need to stop. The ones who typically subject the mass fear to change ratio disallow real meaningful change and it obscures the optimal patterns of rational reason and logic.

Survival of the God of self

Amidst a little chaos is good for freedoms sake but balance in the powers that govern the ideal. That we wish is to bring about the truth within the pure mind-numbing light washers and capitalistic totalitarian beliefs to engage us in fear. Mongering the loss of mind thru control and inequivalent dehumanization of our right to be who we want to be. The standard for all religions is not just one book tossed around with contradictions and vague conceptualizations. We need to see within its destructive diversification and brainwashed ideal. It should be the main cause for concern and needs to be addressed for our control of the standards the main control node that governs the survival and wellbeing of the population.

The Evil/Good people and the Evil Psychologist and so called professional sell outs and put in place to stagnate the truly lawless from following in the heard mentalities. Sprits will shine on thru its time if not medically brainwashed to death occurs to the occultist mentality.

Over-Mind symbolisim





I also Follow in Hyperianism but I am not fully devote
About Kybalion by PatPro

Broadcasted by Morgue and interpreted by me

A summary of the theories of Hermetics and Hyperianism

And soon an integration of the Over-Mind alignment of stars. To power and focus points of reality

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For Videos on supernatural and spiritual concepts for the Nocturnal dream mate

For more info, check out my YouTube channel @ PatPro ProXYZoid

Some benefits of owning PatPro media and art included visual euphoria, and sense of wonder and amusement, so please buy the magazine and art

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I finished sanity vs Christ, now adding content to PatPro and TechnoPath websites, I made a 2020 calendar, Doing Photography and working hard to sell some prints at my next art show, ready to build a website for future customers as-well

Free New Artwork 2019

Providing great original abstract, surreal, tribal and aboriginal modern day technical incorporation’s, a best described artist of colourful creations as I share, black and white sketches, pen and ink or canvas with more on the way.

2020 Calendar

Photography has been my passion for years, and now I edit my images on my PC with Affinity software, and I use a Canon Camera to shoot my RAW images.

Sanity Vs Christ

These experiences are what I lay the basis for in my words of wisdom, making sense to what you are looking for in a mind expanding journey, I hope you will extract some philosophy from my books. These play on words of complex evolving linguistic alphabet is what I build my story from, mostly poetic testaments with time cryptograph I hope you will enjoy this somewhat advanced read. If you would like to purchase my book, you can do so here.

Browse and order prints on my online store at fine art America


TechnoPath Blog and Downloads


Gathering powers that my Impressiveness Proceeds, we will interact within an in-depth evolution of mind and well Schizophrenic Tongue. I will provide prominent creativity for all advanced beings. Start here, transfuse my mind matter and materials into your world.

Please read this entire page. There's lots of interesting information. Visit my Other links in the menu once you're done reading come back here and click on my other pages Shop and TechnoPath Blog slash magazine witch in under production since 2019 so stay tuned!!!

Come as you are to evolve and sustain your powers and potential. Join me in this quest thru the TechnoPath a directory of surreal and sci-fi concepts, this new metal age heart of a site will be the birthplace of open-mindedness.

Something to tickle your brain

If you like originality and something that does not conform read on. You will be interested.

Just a milestone after my term in solitary confinement, the enlightening began. Voices, and what we seem to call God! Chose me to have this gift of my definition of my Over-Mind that I bring to you, with art texts and visions of a Utopian world quests. I soon realize with the reader and subject to my endeavors HERE. My life is an extraordinary journey of truth within a science fictional rendering of spiritualism. It would be clear that telepathy and haunting from extra dimensional beings pictured in my new upcoming book. It's easy to see in my recollection the significant liaison that this had in my life! What has prevailed to create this record of this memory in time?

The Quest

If you're Lonely, free yourself from individualism and gather those alike your tribe.

Do not be afraid to take part in this quest to question reality.

The voice of isolated meditated self echoes in the spirit world.

Gothic black metal cloaks the many that are more human, because of their understanding is all that limits us in our practice.

Knowledge and health should be the drive against depression of needs versus wants.

Accept all in open-mindedness but do not wield weakness in your opinions, believe in something for there’s nothing better than knowing beyond ignorant bliss. Honour faith in your dreams as you can't be weak, If you do not voice your opinion, you will truly dishonour your souls in this silenced the opportunity to convey and find others.

You can escape reality and dream into the puppets of the over minded, minions of classified essence of themselves.

Let the illusion of society crumble and forecast the heavy storm of enlightening and be whatever you want to be.

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My artistic skills and writing skills are equal in creativity. But mostly, all conjured from my drive to live life... The echo of power is omnipotent in the dark and light. But it seems I am my creator of grey over mindedness... God of my skills. Do I appear here translucent to transfuse my power to your mind? As It should be, it will all be clear to you once you decipher this Patented Promotion, Pros with no Cons.

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Paper sized without frames 10-25$

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To buy a print from a random image on my page just (save as) of the image or name then Contact me with your choice, we can arrange a meeting or shipment. Other than that, you can go to this site and purchase it.
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Video games

Audio, Images and Video on Game Development

Here is where I began and will eventually end in a product for my future gamers of the world...

Proxyzoid Books

Bringing the user many great titles to read PatPro Bio, Sanity Vs Christ, and Proxyzoids

To Bring you Art, Music, and Intense Philosophical and Emotional Works of Literature

The TechnoPath

A Future sci-ency blog on things to do with space, time, dreams and existence paradigms

A TechnoPath Magazine with beautiful artwork and great Sci-Fi content and philosophical theories

That All is about the Realms of possibility

Some Over-Mind links

Visualize Media

From Great deep trials and reflections of my soul and existence I draw from the furthest and outermost tangents of the human digital spirit, Contact from interval neural connections of visualized perplexity, I pulsate through these time ripples in space and reality, to become these works of art, as an unlimited amount of creativity I command my desire to create and outdo the masters we all know and love, from abstract, surreal, and modern with a touch of everything.

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Your Minds Expanse

As we become more like gods and in depth within one's over-mindedness, the truth is closer to fiction, one, and many develops themselves to see and augment our role in the ever expanding reality, to try, succeed and become more lifelike in the mirrors of the soul spheres, by reading my original scripts you might connect on a far plane of existence where there is no time, nor does it matter, reality seems like a delusion itself, therefore I command my thoughts to yours and we dwell in these facts which we cannot deny, the evolution of self and consciousness.

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Check out my blog.

At most we keep entertaining the nation, we will try to keep it fresh as I am always evolving to the three main lifestyles that are taking shape here, I present, Updates from me and upcoming events, My new project, Gothic Comic, and my magazine called ProXYZoids witch will be a continuum of my far outlandish far out desires to beat this repeating time code into dominated self correspondence, where dark and light become one, we see beyond the purpose of parodied desensitization.

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Game developers who use Godot python and Lula Audio Tech3D Artist SFX video Web Designers And Sci-fi, Philosophical writers and Artists Comics and Wallpapers Join ME!!!

Please contact me to contribute to my Game and Magazine TechnoPath.

Some benefits of owning my art included visual euphoria, and sense of wonder and amusement so buy the magazine and art

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A Creative rendition of perplexity

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To Bring you, Art, Music, and Intense Philosophical and Emotional Works of Literature

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I work with portraits digital editing and pencil, paints and charcoal please specify with medium you wish me to produce...

Would you like to contribute to the game with your great talent? Would like to purchase art. Find us at the office Canada Ontario Ottawa Cooperation is soon so Join Us now Send your info If you have game Development skills Connect with us now if interested.

In Between Satan and God the Black and White of Gray Matter

Welcome to my Web Site

Patent Product World System Quest for Perfection

You should believe in me.

I source most of my views from things I have innovated or read historically

I don't label myself under any specific religion as of yet my own uniqueness.

I have seen and heard things and believe I am a prophet of my perseverance.

I made this site to inform the people and unite my kind to live in eternity in peace and safety and prosperity.

I pursue the path of technical evolution of a new age society.

I am eternal and in my time I have experienced many dimensions.

I only inform the people on things I have experienced myself.

Do not be afraid to take part in this quest to question reality.

The voice of isolated meditated self echoes in the spirit world.

Gothic black metal cloaks the many that are more human because of their understanding.

Knowledge and health should be the drive against depression of needs versus wants.

Accept all in open-mindedness but do not wield weakness in your opinions, believe in something for your honour, because if you do not voice your opinion you truly dishonour your souls in silence.

You can escape reality and dream into the puppets of the over mind the minions of classified essence of themselves.

Open your minds

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The Difference of Hope and destiny and unreal godlike faith of prosperity...


Patrick Pronovost

Human wealth and enlightenment, the eventuality of success through hard work and determination or luck...

There has been power and change evolution of my minds involving pasts and futures beyond my image in reality, the time vortexes and sanity's of my faith have collapsed into judgmental ability I can only wish to control myself and help others see that there is no ultimate rule but my worthiness...

Need more input

Patrick Pronovost creator of ProxyZoids and Entirety of this website

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Perpetual Star Controversy. Our Soul is the proprietor in a pLANet. Personal net LAN E.T. matrix, and so his radio echo's infinite and defined as the true ultimate force, he lets us choose partiality our destiny; It lets us fail and succeed with no definitive cause into his own, unless you are his chosen, which would be a messiah like! Let this know in Time and time again forever, the tremendous Recycle your cycle of life.