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Patrick Pronovost

A web site to change the way we think

Game Development

I am currently working on the Proxyzoid Video game and will be posting updates to this site with images and video

Video game Blog

Audio, Images and Video on game Development

Proxy Posts Blog

Here is where I began and will eventually end in a product for my future gamers of the world…

Techno Path Blog

A Future sci-ency blog on things to do with space, time, dreams and existence paradigms


We are a new surrealist group in solidarity with the international surrealist movement, located in the city of Ottawa on unceded, unsurrendered Algonquin territory.

Logan Ward

Black Metal, Folk Black Metal, Ireland Ancient Celtic culture comes from all over Europe, but the UK is the heart of it. There have been plenty of folk/celtic bands from eastern and central Europe lately, but Celtachor hails from Dublin, Ireland.

Your Name

Game Developers who use Godot python and Lula

Audio Tech

3D Artist

SFX video

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The Over-Minded

A gaseous ball of electrified yarn connects the the fabric of time and space with its Grey Matter, its Ions are sub dimensional and can see into the soul spheres where entity’s dwell like gods and angels…

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Would you like to contribute to the game with your great talent? Would like to purchase some form of art
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Hits: 0At the start there was nothing but quilts in the fabric of time, this point of the start of teddy bears worm holes was a milky way of path to the gods, unforeseen kindergarten stars where fluxed in dolly lamas routine in outer space. The higgs boson was a formidable particle candy ion gold … Interruption Read More »

PsyNoya of Moi

Hits: 11I’m always looking for inspiration in the field of art including photography and digital manipulation of those, It gives me great pleasure and I enjoy it very much, its one of my favourite pastimes… I am constantly exceeding my own artistic development while always keeping fresh and entertaining new ideas… By reaching my goals … PsyNoya of Moi Read More »

Selling Calendars

Hits: 16It is known that I’m a great artist and I want to share that with you so here is 13 images by me from this piece of absolute amazing digital photography just for you, please inquire about this in my email, an I’m currently delivering only in Canada. more info below Calendars are going … Selling Calendars Read More »

Proxyzoid Progress

Hits: 11Here is a ((BETA)) not final at all picture!! The Future is in the hands of evolution!!! I will have Patreon support soon and videos on my progress I hope I can build a community here from the ground up to space!!! I’m looking for any support whatsoever… enjoy  

Site Launch

Hits: 24As I work and progress I’m also creating art every night playing guitar and eating healthy, i missed my gym but i worked on my brain instead. I have great pictures that I took from the museum of science in Ottawa, I will be using some of this  refreshed material in my book  Proxyzoids … Site Launch Read More »

A preview

Hits: 15The soul sphere aka moon satellite base traveled millions of light years… The creators of this device were called the over minds. They were the seeders of life on Earth and they caused the destruction of the dinosaur race they also selected the highest collective Intellect from the most superior dinosaur DNA… They then … A preview Read More »